Fractions: a tutorial

In maths we are currently extending our learning of fractions to more complicated methods and concepts.  We have been exploring how to calculate with fractions using both pictorial and numerical strategies and practicing and developing our skills through peer coaching and learning from one another.  Below are two clips to model how to multiply and divide fractions – we would like you to study the clips closely and create a resource – set of instructions, flow diagram or game – to support you in developing your understanding of this challenging concept next week.

Also consider these questions:

What happens if you are multiplying or dividing a fraction by a whole number?

What if you are calculating with mixed numbers? What would you do first?

What learning questions do you still have?


Explore this website to support you with methods and strategies:


Happy Maths! 🙂

Soluble or Insoluble – that is the question?!

This weekend your challenge is to investigate what materials you can mix with water to make a solution.

Watch the video below to learn more about the difference between soluble and insoluble solutions and read the home learning to help start your own investigation.

Using some of the materials below investigate which solids dissolve in liquid to form a solution.

Solids to test for solubility:

Crushed biscuits

Flour  Baking powder




Ready Brek

Plaster of Paris

Record and present your findings in a creative way – possibly including data!

Will they all take the same amount of time?

What might influence the solubility?

Are these changes reversible or irreversible?

Good Luck!

Exploring Area

This week year 5 took their maths lesson outside to solve the problem – Which playground has the most space for children to play in at break/ lunchtime? We used and developed our estimation and measure skills, understanding of differing units of measure and fluency in calculation methods, when calculating the area of these spaces around school.

Holiday Home Learning Challenge:

Take your mathematical learning outside! Use and apply your new knowledge and skills of estimating and calculating the area of compound and irregular shapes and have a go at home.  Set yourself a challenge question – e.g. ‘Which common is bigger – Clapham or Tooting?’ or ‘Which bedroom is bigger?’ – record your mathematical findings using diagrams, mathematical vocabulary and, of course, calculations.  Most importantly enjoying taking this learning outside and try and involve your family too (Photo evidence to be shared!).

Have a fantastic holiday!

Ms Mumby & Ms Sharkey 🙂

Challenge: Ride to Space!

Year 5 played their part in Clapham Manor’s challenge to cycle and run the distance between Earth and the International Space Station (400km).  Here we are competing in our triathlon with the help of ‘Team Triathlon’, Ms Mumby and Ms Sharkey!

How do you think we got on? (we will post results later)

How did we work as a team?

How did it feel to be part of such a huge team challenge?

Well Done Year 5 – you were awesome!


Spot the difference…….

Next week we will be continuing our study of reproduction.  Your challenge for the weekend is to compare the reproduction process for amphibians and insects.  Think about how you will present this: remember you are making comparisons so you will need to look at similarities and differences, giving reasons to justify these.  You will be presenting these ideas to your peers to help learn from each other on Monday – so come prepared!

Use the clips below to spark your research – comment on here sharing any good links or clips you have found to support your research.  What do you notice? What vocabulary have you learnt?

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Truth Behind……..


Response to the Video:

  • What comparisons can you make between the two (observations – diagrams/ drawings/notes)
  • WHY? (use the reading to help with your explanation).
  •  Respond creatively (and scientifically) to the clip – the most interesting responses will be put on display.

Remember to share comments on here too……this will help inspire your peers and encourage discussion.

Have a fantastic weekend!


The Great Pancake Week!

This week Year 5 learnt how to make pancakes whilst cooking with Mr Jamois.  We wanted to share our expertise and skills with our shared learning partners – 3C so we have started three weeks of shared learning to design packaging, branding and advertising for our pancakes, as well as coaching the Year 3s to making some delicious French pancakes.  Check out the pictures below to see how it went.  Post any comments, photos or videos of you trying this at home and recipes you might have found.

Have a great weekend 🙂